Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fool of the Day - Winnipeg Blue Bombers CEO Garth Buchko

It pains me to do this but I have to. Winnipeg Blue Bombers CEO, Garth Buchko is the Fool of the Day. Buchko decided to keep their incompetent GM, Joe Mack. Joe Mack is responsible for the horrible record (dead last in the CFL) that the Bombers amassed this season. In fact, Mack has a losing record as .

Entering the 2012 CFL campaign, Mack decided to dump some veterans with needed experience and leadership in favour of a youth movement. This team has been in disarray under his leadership and the guy should have been dumped. Most of the fans wanted the clown dumped and I'm one of them.

Mack's biggest blunder came when he fired Paul LaPolice who was the head coach of the Bombers. This move came after the team's gutsiest performance in a close loss to CFL reigning Grey Cup Champions and league record leaders, the BC Lions. The move also took place prior to the Bombers biggest game of the year against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

After that move, the team went into a free fall that they couldn't recover from. Most of the problems this year can be attributed to Joe Mack. By retaining the donkey, Garth Buchko is proving to their fans that he is a moron and idiot and that the team is a third rate organization and the laughing stock of the CFL.

I believe that this move was made because the Bombers would have to pay Mack the remaining salary he has left in his contract. It's good to know that the BOD isn't concerned about the product that they put on the field. If they did, they would have given Mack his walking papers

Joe Mack Retained

Did Buchko Make the Right Decision Retaining Mack?

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