Monday, November 19, 2012

Fool of the Day - Philadelphia Eagles Players

Today's fool of the day or I should I say fools of the day are Philadelphia Eagles players. A number of Eagles players anonymously told reporters that they believed in their heart that Reid would be terminated at the end of the season. These comments apparently were made after they were decimated by the Washington redskins on Sunday.

Here we go with the anonymous and gutless players. If you're going to speak, please provide your name. Otherwise we're going to think you are a spineless person. We're going to think that you are a snake, a weasel and a pussycat. It does seem that at least one anonymous player is loyal to and supports Reid. I'm guessing most of the players do.

If they support Reid, they should go out on the field and play football. What they're playing right now has no name but it is garbage. The players are playing atrociously. They are a joke and they look like they are clueless. They can't make plays.

Someone should tell these goofballs that it's due to their horrendous playing that will get Reid fired. If they looked like they could compete in a game, it might show team owner Jeffrey Lurie that this team has some promise. This team needs to be completely overhauled and some these anonymous players need to follow Andy Reid right out the door after he is fired.

I've watched some Eagles games and the palyers are pathetic. They are a joke. They are a complete mess. It would be easy to blame Reid, since he puts the product on the field but the players need to take ownership of their disgusting play. They need to take ownership of the probability that since they are incompetent, their beloved coach is going to be terminated.

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