Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fool of the Day - NHL & NHLPA (Again)

The Fool of the Day is made up of two organizations. For the second time the two organizations are the NHL and NHLPA. These guys are mules. They are so stupid, they can't think straight. They are so idiotic that they should hire outside parties to handle their negotiations. is reporting that after this week's intense negotiations, no progress has been made. What a bunch of donkeys. The NHL is looking like a bush league. They are looking like they are a third rate league. Other leagues have gone through labor disputes. The NBA and NFL did last year. The NFL never missed any games. The NBA season was greatly shortened.

How come the other leagues figured it out? All leagues were fighting similar issues. The NBA and NFL figured out that it was more important to play their games and earn revenue than blow a full season. 

The NHL hasn't figured anything out. The NHL which was coming off a record year in revenues (2011/2012) would rather lose their fans/customers than figure out a solution to their differences. The NHLPA would rather lose a full season of salaries than find a solution this mess.

Both sides are morons. Both sides are alienating their fan base. Their fan base is turning to other sports and leaving the NHL behind. Every time fans hear that these idiots have hit an impasse, they become even more mad at both sides. They are disgusted.

Even while reports surface that damage has been done to the league, due to this lockout and stalled labor relations, they continue to dig their heals in the ground. These guys are void of common sense. The NHL and NHLPA don't care that they look like dolts.

These morons don't deserve to have any fans. They are clueless ding dongs! When will they figure out that their third rate league isn't as popular as the NBA, NFL and MLB? Maybe never!

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