Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fool of the Day - Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Today's Fool of the Day is Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. This imbecile sent a letter to the owners of the Vikings, Zygi and Mark Wilf. What has this moron so upset? He's taking issue with reports that the Wilfs want to charge personal seat licenses, which allow fans to purchase a season ticket for a particular seat.

Dayton is playing politics and saying this fee would make the deal a rich people's stadium. Get off your high horse Dayton. You are inept and a complete and utter fool. Dayton knew or should have known that this was an option for the team.

The Wilfs never hid the fact that this was an option. All that Dayton had to do was follow the televised news. All Dayton had to do was pay attention to what the Wilfs were saying all along. If he didn't like it back then, he shouldn't have supported a new stadium. This is a common practice by professional sports teams.

Do I think the deal will be derailed? No but it annoys me that we have such an idiot as our governor. The guy seems clueless. I think this clown is just trying to earn votes but someone needs to tell this guy that if he derails the stadium, Minnesotans will take it out on him and the Democrats.

The people spoke loud and clear during the legislative process. They want a stadium. Dayton is just making himself look like a moron.


  1. Dayton is going to bat for the average Joe Viking fan? Would someone please explain to him that if you can afford season tickets to the Vikings, you are one of the filthy rich. News Flash - the stadium is a rich people's stadium.

  2. Colleen, thanks for your comment. I was thinking the same thing while writing the post. Sure it's a rich man's stadium but people do spend the little they have to support the team. I think that if you want to select your seat and lock that seat down as a season ticket holder (You can afford tickets anyway), you can be charged a royalty for that.

    I sure hope that you will come back an share your views with us again!

  3. I agree with everything here, I am a huge Vikings fan, yet I attend zero games, its simply not affordable. Even with the cheaper seats after parking and a couple sodas you're out well over a hundred dollars, personally I don't enjoy watching football when the players look like ants from an airplane. Football looks much better on a 47" plasma with NFL Sunday Ticket. I do support a new stadium, its needed to keep the team in the market and help the teams revenue, this team has always invested in talent to be competitive and I appreciate that. I think the team should sell the seat licences, don't like the fees, don't buy the seats.

  4. The thing that bothers me so much is that we the taxpayers are paying for most of this. Why are we paying one dime to expand a private business. JB- you make a good point about the teams revenue and market presence but why should we be involved in making that happen? This is a private business not a stadium owned by the people. They wouldn't give you a dime so why are we giving them 500 million or more dollars?I am sick of rich people getting OUR money. They have enough already. Public money should NOT go to private businesses. Most businesses don't get this kind of special treatment. Also we just handed on a silver platter an AWESOME deal for the Wilfs! Makes me feel ill. The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many in our country.


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