Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fool of the Day - Marcus Vick

Today's Fool of the Day is Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Michael Vick, who wrote heated Tweets asking the Eagles to trade Michael Vick. Marcus blamed the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line for the hits that his brother is taking.

Marcus is a criminal who's had his fair share of legal troubles, many of which occurred while he was a college athlete. This thug has always been a hot head. This guy doesn't know when to shut his pie hole.

It seems as if Michael told his younger dolt of a brother to shut up. Today Marcus issued a statement that he was sorry if he put his brother in a "tough spot". You idiot. You should be sorry for being such a ding dong. You should be sorry for being a criminal.

Marcus, you should spend more time trying to stay out of trouble than making idiotic and heated statements. Marcus is a sports failure due to his criminal behavior and his temper. It's time this bonehead learned how to act like a civilized person.

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