Friday, November 9, 2012

Fool of the Day - Los Angeles Lakers

Today's Fool of the Day is an NBA team. It's a team that's fallen from grace and possibly as the top dog in its city. The Los Angeles Lakers are fools. They are clowns. They are bums. A day after the team said that head coach Mike Brown had the team's support, the team had a change of heart or did they? They fired Brown today.

I don't believe that these classless morons had a sudden change of heart. I think they were less than truthful with their fan base. I'm not going to use the L word to describe their actions. No, it's not losers, although they are losers on the court right now.

I'm a Lakers fan and I'm disgusted by how the team is being run. I'm not as mad about their decision to fire the coach as I am about the way the team went about it. They should have never said that they backed their coach. They should have remained silent about that. It seems as if that was their intent all along.

Shame on the Lakers and the way they are acting. On a side note, I think it's time to change the name of the team. The name goes back to when the team was in Minneapolis, a city known for its many, many lakes. In case you didn't know. There aren't lakes in California, are there? Maybe a good name would be Weasels. That seems to describe the team a little bit better.

I think what the Lakers were really saying when they said that they supported Brown, was code for meaning that they were planning on shipping Brown's caboose out of town ASAP.

I wonder if Dwight Howard helped with the decision to fire the coach. Was he promoted to the Lakers front office? I've heard  accusations that he has experience lending a hand in firing a coach. I'm just kidding of course. Howard denies having a role in firing his last coach.

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