Monday, November 12, 2012

Fool of the Day - LA Lakers for Hiring D'Antoni

A sports team that was named as our fool last week finds a way to make it today. The LA Lakers are the Fool of the Day. Am I reading this nonsense correctly? Do I need to rub my eyes? Do I have vision issues? No. No. No! I'm reading the news that Mike D'Antoni was hired as the new Lakers coach correctly. As I mentioned in previous articles, I'm an NBA fan. I hate this hire. I think the hire is bogus. It's bush league.

What about defense in the Mike D'Antoni system? Defense? Defense? Defense is not needed or thought to be needed in that scheme. In Phil Jackson's system, defense is considered. It's important and it has led to many championships.

Let's look at D'Antoni's accomplishments. He has a career NBA record of 388 wins and 383 losses (.534 win loss percentage). The Lakers are taking that over Phil Jackson, a guy who has won 11 championships and has a career record of 1,155 wins and only 485 losses (.704 win loss percentage). Did I say that Jackson has 11 championship rings?

How many championship rings does D'Antoni have? Zero! Nada. The Lakers have destroyed their chances of winning a championship. This is ridiculous. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN believes that Jim Buss let his ego get the best of him. I tend to agree with Smith.

The fans, the team's customers wanted Phil Jackson. They were led to believe that Phil was going to be the man. They believed that Phil was going to lead the team back to the promised land of NBA championships. Sorry LA Fans, Jim Buss couldn't care what you think. He's saying, na na na na na!

D'Antoni is a good coach but he's not Phil Jackson, a guy who's won tons of championships. D'Antoni is recovering from a knee injury and hasn't been cleared to fly. This was a dumb decision and will cost the Lakers. Jerry Buss is a clown.

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