Monday, November 26, 2012

Fool of the Day - Jonathon Amaya

Today's fool of the day is Jonathon Amaya. Jonathon Amaya was arrested for battery Monday morning. Miami police accuse this criminal of choking a cab driver from behind while the cab driver was driving the car.

Amaya is a defensive back for the Miami Dolphins. I wish he would show as much emotion and desire to tackle and inflict his aggression on the field and not against some innocent cab driver.

The Miami Dolphins should be celebrating their come from behind victory over the Seattle Seahawks in a law abiding manner. Maybe thought he was just trying to act out his wrestler want to be fantasies. Maybe Amaya was just trying to practice the horse tackle. Maybe Amaya thinks this is how rational people behave. Maybe Amaya is just a thug criminal.

Note to Amaya: The horse collar tackle is supposed to be reserved for the football field not out in public. On the field it's a 15 yard penalty. Off the field it could land you in jail for a year. Chances are that this thug will get off with a fine.

Another note to Amaya: What were you thinking? Are you stupid? Don't strangle a guy while he's driving. You may kill yourself and the driver. Oh yeah, maybe that's what you were trying to do.

The NFL will probably not be as kind to Amaya as I'm guessing the judicial system will be. They will probably take this crime more seriously. He could face a suspension which would make him lose more money.

I hope he is suspended. I hope he does receive jail time, even if this is a remote possibility. I'm sick of some NFL players acting like morons. I'm sick of them breaking the law.

Please note: Amaya is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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