Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fool of the Day - Jim Harbaugh Again

Jim Harbaugh is officially an idiot. After mentioning his news conference after Monday's huge win, he hinted that he would start Colin Kaepernick. Many of us thought he was kidding. He wasn't. Tonight he announced that he would be starting Colin Kaepernick against the Saints this weekend. This earns this clown today's Fool of the Day honor.

Colin K had a great game. There's no arguing that but it was his first full start. Teams didn't know too much. Now they do. Now the Saints will prepare for him. Harbaugh must think that Colin will destroy the Saints defense. The Saints have played better as of late and they have someone at quarterback named Drew Brees who has shredded every defense.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. The team is finally on track after earning a tie against the Rams 10 days ago. Why would you gamble on Colin K again? Harbaugh says that this wasn't an injury related decision. If that's true, Harbaugh is the King of aholes.

Alex Smith is currently the third ranked quarterback in the NFL. He's having a good year. He's experienced. Harbaugh is willing to throw that all away for a gamble? He's willing to burn a bridge with his quarterback? What if Colin K has a terrible second start?

Harbaigh will look like a clown if the 49ers lose. He will look like a moron. He will look like an amateur. I'm not a fan of this guy. I think he's a hothead. I think he's a buffoon. I think he's punk.

I like the 49ers but I think I want the Saints to win, just to embarrass Harbaugh. Then you could say he laid an egg and made HardBaughed Eggs.


  1. Wow, you must have only saw Alex Smith last year when you began watching football! To say that Alex is number three, you seem to forget how terrible he was against the Giants and Vikings! Let me see what other games stand out, the Cardinals. People like you and the supporters of Smith seem to sin on his 18/19 game. How many of those passes broke 15yards? Huh...thats what I thought too! Well your response is the short dump plays are what makes him good or elite. If not for people like Moss, Crabtree, Davis....and Gore (I could list a few more huge hits from the team) Alex would be a goner! You should be ashamed of yourself to write this garbage personally!

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  3. It's a fact that he is ranked third. Not my opinion. Just a fact. I don't make up the rankings.

  4. Anybody that says Jim Harbaugh is an idiot is an idiot.

    You, sir, are now officially the fool of the day.

    Go look at the history of Harbaugh press quotes. He treats these things as an opportunity for disinformation. It looked like Chicago prepared for Alex or a running Colin. The last thing they were ready for was a deep-drop Kaep winging the ball 20+ yards downfield. When they made adjustments, Harbaugh came back with slashing Gore and Hunter at 10 yards a crack.

  5. We'll see how the Saints prepare for Colin this week. If Minnesota can beat your wonderful defense, any team can. LOL!

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