Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fool of the Day - International Ski Federation

Today's Fool of the Day is the International Ski Federation (FIS) who denied skiing great Lindsey Vonn's request to compete with her male counterparts. The federation denied her request, claiming that the rules prohibit one gender from competing with another gender.

That's horse manure and smoke and mirrors. Didn't the women hating organization know their rules when they agreed to hear her request? Did they just learn their own rules? I don't think so. I think that they know that Vonn is such a great skier that they were afraid that she might actually do well against the men.

LINDSEY VONN USA DOWNHILL SKIIER 8X10 HIGH GLOSSY SPORTS ACTION PHOTO (N)Shame on these disgusting people. They missed an opportunity to raise the profile of the sport. Interest in the sport would have been unprecedented. In my opinion these losers are so clouded by their misguided fear that  a woman could beat a man, that they couldn't care less about doing the right thing for their sport.

I think that the FIS has just made male skiers look like they are scared to compete against a woman. This is a black eye on the FIS. It's a shameful decision.

I would have had a tiny bit of respect for the FIS had these morons come out at the beginning and said they couldn't consider Vonn's request because it's against their rules. By agreeing to consider her request they gave the impression that they were open to the possibility of women competing against men in the sport.

The FIS has disappointed millions of women world wide, who might have had a glimmer of hope that a woman could one day compete against men at the highest level of sports. The FIS put a kibosh on that line of thinking.

Shame on these spineless and gutless people. I believe that they made the wrong decision and proved to Vonn that she's too good an athlete to compete against the men. I think that this proves that they know she could given the men a run for their money and didn't want to take that chance. The FIS is deserving Fool of the Day.

Lindsey Vonn

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