Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fool of the Day - Gary Bettman - A Kick to the Coconuts

NHL fans have been dealt another blow and a kick to the coconuts by today's fool of the day, Gary Bettman. Gary Bettman has reportedly called for a two week break in talks with the NHLPA. Donald Fehr hasn't responded to the request yet.

We are usually told that when things get tough, don't give up. Keep working hard for a solution. That's what hard working people, the NHL's fans do on a daily basis. Most fans don't have the luxury of being a slacker. When things get tough, we have to think of solutions. If we don't, we can end up being unemployed.

What else is this lazy clown Gary Bettman doing? I guess he wants to get an early start to the Thanksgiving holiday. What a dunce. When you don't have to worry about your job or for money, you can act like a snob. You can act like a pompous and entitled creep.

Gary Bettman's bosses, the owners don't seem to care either. It looks like they would rather lose billions of dollars in revenues than work hard for a deal. It must be nice to have billions of dollars and not worry that you are leaving billions of dollars on the table.

Gary Bettman should be ashamed of himself. While his fan base is struggling financially and while they do everything they can to hang onto their jobs, this misfit wants to take a two week vacation. Why does he need a vacation? It's not like he's been working during the 61 days of this NHL imposed lockout.

While he's spent a few hours in negotiations, it looks like he's done diddly squat for 61 days. That's pathetic and shameful. Gary, you just took a running start and kicked NHL fans in the coconuts. You should know how much that hurts. It takes a long time to recover from that. Will the fans forget about this? Will they forgive you? Some will and some won't but when a person has been figuratively beaten to a pulp, it might take some time to recover.

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