Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fool of the Day - Dave Bolland

Today's fool of the day is Chicago Blackhawks player Dave Bolland for wishing Gary Bettman dead. On Friday, Dave Bolland retweeted a fan's tweet. Here was his message:

"can I get a RT for wanting Bettman dead?" (Source:

Bolland later took down the tweet and apologized for it. I believe it was a halfhearted attempt at an apology and I don't believe he meant it. I think he was trying to mitigate the damage that was done and to protect his image. Bolland is a punk. He is a disgusting person.

Who wishes for a person to die? Bolland and I' believe other NHL players. Pathetic people wish for something like this. Where has outcry  been from his fellow players. This is insane. This is unforgivable. The damage of his tweet has been done and felt.

This past week we've heard players calling Bettman a cancer and other things. This is disgusting. Donald Fehr needs to rein his players in. This is disgusting. I agree with Don Cherry that NHL players should blame the owners not Bettman who is their puppet. Bolland and other players are too scared to do that. They are gutless and spineless.

Dave Bolland was a madman and out of control when he basically wished for the death of Gary Bettman. I think this sorry excuse of a person and piece of #2 needs to ask for forgiveness from his maker and Gary Bettman. He needs to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

I think that some players have said disgusting and inexcusable thing s this week. It makes me want to see them lose big time in these negotiations. It shows me that it's almost impossible to negotiate with them. They are sick human beings. They don't deserve to play in the NHL.

I'm disgusted with both sides but the shameless retweet of Bolland crossed the line. I would like every NHL player to publicly ridicule this piece of garbage. I want to see him shamed. He deserves to be made a pariah.

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