Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fool of the Day - Bart Scott

Today's fool of the day is Bart Scott of the New York Jets football team. No, there aren't any typos. It's not Bart Simpson and yes, the New York Jets are a football team. Why is this dolt the fool of the day? According to Yardbarker, he tried to lead a boycott of the media following the Jets victory over the St. Louis Rams.

He was mad at the media and blames them for a running a story about the anonymous players who criticized Tim Tebow. Instead of being mad at the media, this buffoon should be mad that some of his teammates talked to the media and were too gutless to put their names to their accusations.

Bart Scott Jets Green Jersey Vertical 8x10 PhotoHow did his boycott work out? About as well as the season's gone for the Jets. It failed miserably. After one player refused to listen to him and spoke to some reporters, he lashed out at the player. Then he proceeded to talk to the media.

I sure hope this guy isn't a leader on the Jets. You can just see him waving the white flags on the sideline as his teammates try to earn a victory. The guy tries to lead a boycott which is stupid in its own right and then he doesn't even follow his own directive.

Hopefully Scott's credibility has taken a nose dive. Why is this numbnut so mad at the media? Is he trying to hide something? I'm not saying he is but it doesn't make sense. His actions don't make sense. The guy is ridiculous.

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