Thursday, November 15, 2012

Florida Marlins - The New MLB Development Squad

The Florida Marlins are the new development squad for Major League Baseball (MLB). Teams no longer have to worry about spending money to develop their players, since the Marlins will do that for them. The Marlins will develop good players, sign them to huge contracts and then dump them off in form of a trade to a legitimate MLB team.

Of course I'm just taking a shot at the Marlins but their recent blockbuster trade with the Toronto Blue Jays has their fans up in arms. The Marlins have a pending trade that would send Jose Reyes (shortstop), Mark Buehrle (pitcher) and Josh Johnson (pitcher) to the Jays for top prospects.

The Marlins aren't done unloading players and team owner Jeffrey Loria doesn't seem fazed by the criticism and anger being displayed by his team's fans. Most MLB teams can't compete unless they have a large and competitive payroll. We also know that the Marlins finished dead last in the National League's East Division. That huge payroll didn't help them out.

I think the issue that most fans are having is that they feel the trade wasn't fair. They feel that their team's players were dumped and given away to avoid the high salaries. Wait until they get wind that the Marlins aren't finished.

Will this new development team lower prices for their fans? Of course not. They will tell their fans that they are doing everything to be competitive and that if the right players are available they will sign them. That might be 10 years.

The Marlins have been through this before. After winning their first World Series in 1997, the team dismantled their roster in 1998. It took some time but the team rebuilt and defeated the New York Yankees to win the 2003 World Series.

While this may be a trend for the team, this year's Marlins didn't win too many games. Their fans and the media in South Florida think that this is the worst dumping of all and as mentioned above, it comes prior to them knowing that the team may not be finished.

If this weren't sad, I would be laughing really hard. Who am I kidding, I am laughing. This is hilarious to those of us who aren't Marlins fans. I actually grew up in Canada and the Jays were my favorite team. It looks like the Jays are serious about building a contender. Thankfully for the Jays, there's a team called the Florida Marlins. They've come to the Jays rescue.

While the Marlins may be the new development squad for MLB teams, this week they were at least a great one for the Toronto Blue Jays. Thanks to the team, the Blue Jays might actually win a lot of games and start filling the Sky Dome (now known as Rogers Centre) again.

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