Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Face-Off - NFL Week 12 Picks - Thanksgiving Day Special

Sportmentary and The Comish are back for their second week of NFL Picks. This time they are picking games for Week 12. As mentioned in the previous NFL Picks segment, the pair has a couple of variations from the traditional NFL pickem. Each one can choose a mulligan game, a do over. Last week both Sportmentary and The Comish won their Mulligan games but ti didn't help Sportmentary. The Comish won 4-2.

Another variation to the traditional pickem is that the winner of the previous week chooses the games that will be used for the current week's segment. Since The Comish won, he decided to choose the games of Turkey day for this week's segment. This show is lively and testy and Sportmentary gets on a roll. Where did he find that energy?
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