Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drug Taker Suspended by Major League Baseball

Today's fool of the day is drug taker Carlos Ruiz a catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies who has been suspended by Major League Baseball (MLB) for taking the banned stimulant Amphetamine. While this dodo apologized and accepted the 25 game suspension handed out by MLB, I'm asking this question; Why did he take the drug?

Before I provide my reasoning of why I think he took the drug, I want to let you know what the drug is and what it's used for.I do think that Bud Selig and MLB are aware of the information that I'm providing below. It makes the seriousness of the offense even greater.

Amphetamine is a powerful stimulating drug which produces many effects including increased energy, increased alertness, euphoria and decreased appetite. Amphetamine can be physically and mentally addictive. Source: Drugs-Forum

Brand names of medications that contain, or metabolize into, amphetamine, include Adderall...The drug is also used recreationally and as a performance enhancer. Source: Wikipedia.

I believe the obvious answer to my question above is that he used it for performance enhancing reasons. He might have ADHD but he didn't mention that in his apology. There has also been a rash of using Adderall and similar drugs in the NFL and MLB. This is the crazy new PED. On Monday Night Football (ESPN) they talked about Adderrall being a new PED.

This is crazy. This is dumb and foolish. What would possess a person to take a drug used by people who suffer from ADHD? It's disgusting. So players are doing all this to try and enhance one's performance? Why not just train harder. Where has the belief in fair play gone? Does it even exist in professional sports anymore?

I don't know the answer to those questions. What I believe is that the drug that got Ruiz suspended for 25 games is very dangerous and potentially addictive.

I think that the penalties for ding dongs like Ruiz are too light. I think he should be banned for life. I think all cheaters need to be banned for life. MLB needs to send a message to cheaters that it will not tolerate drug use and PEDs.

I know that is a stretch for Bud Selig and MLB. I believe they have continuously looked the other way while players have taken drugs that have helped them cheat. As a fan I'm angered by the use of drugs by players. I think it's disgusting. I think Ruiz is disgusting. I think he's a fool for not only trying to cheat but for thinking he could get away with it.

Carlos, you are fool. You are rules breaker. How good a player are you? Do you suck? You must be an average player if you felt you had to cheat. You are a disgrace to professional sports. You are moron.

I have a couple of other questions. Don't you need a prescription for taking what was found in the moron's system? If the answer is yes and the clown didn't have a prescription for the drug, why isn't he being arrested? Isn't it a serious offense to have prescription drugs without a prescription?

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