Monday, November 19, 2012

Basketball Game Canceled Due to Condensation?

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The NCAA staged another basketball on a boat game on November 9th, 2012 called the Navy-Marine Corps Classic featuring Georgetown Hoyas and Florida Gators which had to be canceled before half time due to condensation! They also scheduled two others for this season. What is next a soccer game on the Golden Gate Bridge? Maybe they will have an MMA contest at the international space station.

I did not think that college basketball needed a 'gimmick' game. I know the NHL holds the annual outdoor winter classic, which allows grown millionaires from only certain teams to play a hockey game the way they did when they were kids, minus the 100,000 seat stadium. It is very easy to understand why the NHL needs a gimmick game. They have to do something to open the flood gates and capture the imagination of the many millions of Americans who would rather watch paint dry than a hockey game.

However, I never thought the NCAA would need to stage a gimmick game (although they do hold their own outdoor hockey games) for basketball, which is hugely popular all over America and most Americans can relate to unlike hockey.

I don't think basketball has jumped the shark but I do think that these gimmick games have run their course. As T. Bert (Thomas Bertram) Lance said " If it ain't broke,don't fix it". I hope the NCAA heeds this warning before the NBA jumps aboard and drops its 'anchor' teams on a ship somewhere off the coast of France!

The fact is, true sports fans don't need these gimmick games and if they do then it is a sorry statement on society that their collective attention spans have all but disappeared. Maybe I have lost touch with society and if I have then so be it as I don't want to be part of a society that needs to turn every little thing into a spectacle especially one involving a boat, 10 tall dudes in shorts and a ball. I guess that mother nature also sees things my way!

Please note: Sportmentary respects our men and women of our armed services and this article is not meant as disrespect to their service in any way.

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