Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Terrible Game for the Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings played another horrible game on Sunday and this time it came against the Seattle Seahawks. The Vikings offense (Besides Adrian Peterson) embarrassed themselves today. The Minnesota Vikings defense also proved to be a joke on another day when they let players run over them and through them.

Adrian Peterson Autographed Minnesota Vikings Photo - 11x14 GAILet's start with the offense. The Vikings offensive line didn't play well. They have to be superb if Christian Ponder has a chance. Ponder doesn't know how to handle pressure and makes terrible decisions when facing  defenders who are pressuring him. The Vikings offense gave up 4 sacks today.

Ponder finished today's game with a only 63 yards passing and wen 11/22. That's just terrible. That's unforgivable and not good enough for a starting quarterback in the NFL. After starting this season looking like he had learned a lot in the offseason, Ponder has been awful in the past 5 games. The Vikings need to be concerned. Ponder is making terrible decisions, none more evident than when he threw an interception late in the 4th quarter.

That interception showed me that Ponder is having trouble understanding the game. He has trouble focusing on what the defense has given him. He has trouble making smart decisions and he panics when facing pressure. Ponder is showing me that he's not ready to run an NFL offence.

While I'm not ready to pull the plug on him, yet, I do think the Vikings need to be exploring other options at the quarterback position. I don't have a lot of confidence that Ponder has what it takes to be successful in the NFL. How could he revert to being awful after coming out this season showing such promise?

The only bright spot on the offense is Adrian Peterson (AP) who rushed for 182 yards on 17 carries. The best running back in the NFL also had 2 TDs. AP is the offense and keeps the team in the game. The problem is that he needs a supporting cast. The Vikings need to find a couple of legitimate receivers. The passing game is a joke. It is putrid.

Now for the defense. They sucked and allowed Marshawn Lynch to rush for 118 yards and also allowed the Seattle offense to run out the last 3 minutes of the game. They are terrible. That's all that needs to be said about this joke of a defense. They didn't come to play again today. They are awful. They are horrible. They only had 1 sack today and barely pressured Russel Wilson.

The Vikings are now looking the way I expected them to look coming into the season. Their good start was just luck. They are a terrible team and their record is starting to show it. With Chicago dominating the division and Green Bay now winning games, the Vikings have just about a zero percent chance of making the playoffs this year.

What was evident from watching today's game is that the Vikings are terrible and they only have one reliable player. That player is the great AP. AP is the only consistent player on the team. He basically is the team.

Today's MVP: AP

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