Friday, November 16, 2012

Along for the Cab Ride

The Toronto Blue Jays are taking a ride. This time it's a cab ride. The Toronto Blue Jays made another blockbuster move, this time signing free agent and former San Francisco Giants player, Melky "I'm Juiced" Cabrera. Cabrera is coming off a 50 game suspension for taking performance enhancing drugs.

While Cabrera comes with the baggage of a drug suspension, it is a great signing for the Jays. There's very little risk in his 2 year 16 million signing. Cabrera is great player and ads another ingredient to their contender recipe. The Jays said they weren't done when they made the huge trade with the Florida Marlins earlier in the week.

A lot of credit has to go to Alex Anthopoulos who is the Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager of the Blue Jays. This guy has pulled off two of the biggest moves in Blue Jays history and both were in the same year.

Some people might criticize this move. They might say that the Jays are now juiced up and ready to go but the fact that Cabrera violated Major League Baseball's drug policy doesn't mean he will do it again. I'm sure he doesn't want to sit for another 50 games.

Cabrera missed out on playing in and winning the World Series this year. With this week's moves, the Jays become an instant contender and I'm sure Melky will want to take part in that.

For longtime suffering Blue Jays fans like myself, it is a great relief that the Jays are doing everything they can to put a winner on the field. Blue Jays fans can enter the 2012 MLB season excited that the Jays have made some big moves.

The Jays have spent a lot of money on these moves. In baseball, contenders are expected to spend tens of millions of dollars in an attempt of fielding a winner. The Jays have definitely done that this week.

I'm actually shocked that the Jays stepped up to the plate. This is a team that has gone through the motions for the past two decades. Finally Blue Jays fans have something to cheer about. Hopefully this will fill Rogers Centre (formerly Sky Dome). Fans can now go along for the cab ride.

Melky Cabrera

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Terrible Move - he's too much trouble
Waste of money
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