Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Good and All Day

All is fine today on the home front as Adrian Peterson (AP), Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions 34-24 in front of a hometown crowd at Mall of America Field. Christian Ponder had a good game, which has to be a relief for Leslie Frazier and the Minnesota coaching staff.

AP was great all day, especially when the team needed it, in the 4th quarter. Once again, AP is the main ingredient of this offense. The difference today is that the rest of the offense showed up and played well.

Adrian Peterson Signed Picture - 11x14 Running)AP carried the ball 27 times for 171 yards and he had 1 TD. That's another great day for the back. The guy seems to be super human. He's having a banner year, after returning from a knee injury (torn ACL). Very few backs could have recovered like Peterson. Peterson is the MVP of the Vikings. They can't win without him.

Christian Ponder recovered from a horrible few weeks. He started off strong with a 54 yard strike to Wright. That drive ended with a TD pass to Wright. Ponder had some drives that stalled but he played well in the 3rd quarter and then finished the game in strong fashion  leading a couple of drives down the field and keeping the defense rested. The main thing for Ponder is that he didn't commit a trunover. Ponder was 24 of 32 for 221 yards passing and 2 TDs. That more like it. That's how an offense needs to work.

I mentioned in an article earlier this week that fans need to be more patient with Ponder and see how he develops. We need to see how he deals with criticism and adversity. Ponder responded well this week.

How about the new guy Jarius Wright (3 catches for 65 yards and a TD)? They need to give him more playing time, even when Harvin returns. That could be a prove to be a potent combination. With AP, that could be killer.

For the most part, the Vikings defense played well in the first half and on and off in the second. The team allowed Detroit to score a couple of TDs in the 3rd and in the 4th quarters. Those drives looked easy for Detroit and they were quick strikes. The defense needs to work on their pass defense. They gave up too many big plays.

As mentioned above, the defense took some idiotic and boneheaded penalties. They really need to work on cleaning up those moronic penalties. It's inexcusable  In the end, the Vikings defense made the stops when it counted and had a pretty solid day.

The Vikings put together a complete game. The real problem for this team is the stupid penalties that they are taking. A couple of those penalties came when the Vikings were moving the ball on offense. Another came when Minnesota had seemed to stop Detroit but the defense took a major penalty. The team needs to work on not taking ridiculous and stupid penalties.

Today's MVP: Adrian Peterson (Again).

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  1. You can't coach speed, but you need to draft speed. Wright blew past the coverage on the first pass - no moves just speed and a well throw ball, Ponder would get even better if he had opportunity to practice throwing to an open receiver speeding down field.

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