Saturday, October 20, 2012

MLB Players Chewing Tobacco. YUCK!

Yuck! That's what I think of Major League Baseball (MLB) players chewing tobacco during baseball games. I think the habit is absolutely disgusting and has no place in professional sports. Seeing a professional athlete chew tobacco on the field of play or dugout is absolutely disgusting.

Seeing a Major League Baseball player chewing tobacco is not my vision of a professional athlete. I actually think it's bush league and amateurish. Everyone knows that chewing tobacco is not healthy. Aren't professional athletes supposed to be healthy or portray a healthy lifestyle? You would think so, wouldn't you?

Besides being disgusting, as mentioned above, the habit is unhealthy. Should Major League Baseball allow athletes to chew tobacco during games, while kids are watching? Children are impressionable and like it or not, they tend to model their behavior from their favorite players.

I think that Major League Baseball has the responsibility of sending the wrong message. Allowing their players to chew tobacco during games, sends the wrong message to young people that it's OK to chew tobacco. Shame on the players. Shame on Major League Baseball. The fans deserve better behavior from you.

In the United States and Canada, businesses, either by law or voluntarily prohibit tobacco on their premises. Government buildings also prohibit the behavior and some communities do as well. Why does baseball hold itself to be a higher power? An unhealthy higher power? I'm not sure but seeing athletes chewing tobacco is gross.

I'm not a huge MLB fan. One of the reasons has to do with the chewing of tobacco. As mentioned above I think it's disgusting, gross and unprofessional. I have a hard time watching a game while players are chewing. I think it takes away from the enjoyment of watching baseball. When watching an exciting game, seeing a player chewing tobacco just ruins the fun for me.

All I can say, again is YUCK! I sure hope that Major League Baseball will ban chewing tobacco during games in the future. It would promote a healthier lifestyle. It would show kids that chewing tobacco is wrong and it would be more enjoyable for fans like myself to watch baseball games that are free form players chewing tobacco.


  1. I guess we should be thankful this has never caught on in hockey, imagine the color of the ice.

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