Friday, October 12, 2012

What has the NHL Taken Away from Me?

For those of you who’ve read my articles about the NHL lockout, you know that I am annoyed at the current state of affairs. Like most fans, all I want is my hockey and I want it now. I feel like both the NHL and NHLPA are acting like babies. I think both sides are stubborn.

Last night, after writing a scathing article against the owners, I took some time to reflect on what angers me the most about not having NHL hockey. Is it the few hours of free time a week that my wonderful wife gives me to watch my beloved hockey? Is it the few hours of watching the best players in the world compete?

While those are reasons for watching hockey, it doesn’t get to the heart of my NHL withdrawal. As much as I love cheering for my favorite teams (Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild), cheering against my two most hated teams is also a big part of it.

I haven’t shied away from admitting that I dislike the Vancouver Canucks and the Phoenix Coyotes. Why do I hate these teams? We have to look at both of them separately. As far as the Canucks go, I can’t stand the soccer player want to be divers called the Sedins. They make me want to hurl. It’s easy to dislike these two underachievers.

Then thee are Canucks fans. In my 34 years of watching NHL hockey, I’ve always disliked Canucks fans, who remind me of Green Bay Packers fans. Like Packers fans, they feel like they are always right. Every call that goes against them is disputed. They are the most biased fans in sports. They are just plain annoying.

Now for the Coyotes. The main reason for disliking this team is due to the team having been relocated from Winnipeg. Yes, they are the old Winnipeg Jets but unlike Winnipeg, citizens of the area couldn't care less about hockey. Why should they, Phoenix is located in a desert. People would rather be outside. If they do want to attend a sporting event, they would rather attend an NBA game.

Last year’s putrid regular season attendance is evidence of what I mentioned above. The Coyotes were dead last in attendance. This team has lost money hand over fist for over a decade. They need to relocate and relocate to Canada. Phoenix doesn’t enjoy hockey.

That in a nutshell sums up how I feel about the Canucks and Coyotes. The fact that I can’t cheer against them or write article after article ridiculing them annoys me. Actually, I just did that didn’t I? yes I did. The problem is that writing about my dislike of those teams can happen but it’s not as frequent due to the NHL lockout. When hockey season is on, there’s much more beign reported about the team. That provides me with ammunition to ridicule those clubs.

I guess I’ll have to wait a long time to enjoy my NHL hockey. Who knows if I the NHL will even return this season. Yes, I can watch the KHL on ESPN. Give me a break. Absolutely not! I have no desire to watch that trash. I think I’ll just go an sulk!

Let us know what the NHL has taken away from you. You can use the comment link at the bottom of this post.

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