Monday, October 22, 2012

Were the Jets Playing Scared?

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan reacted angrily when asked if his team played scared on Sunday. The Jets lost in OT 29-6 to the New England Patriots. I dislike Rex Ryan and think the guy is a loud mouth punk but don't think his team played scared. Maybe they just were too conservative. Is that semantics, maybe.

Mark Sanchez led his team from a 10 point, 4th quarter deficit to take a 3 point lead with 1:37 left in the game. There's a big problem here. When Patriots fumbled a kickoff deep in their end and the Jets recovered, there was 2:01 remaining and many thought that the Jets would take most of the time off the clock or score a TD. They didn't do that. They ended blowing the game.

What the Jets did to start the drive deep in Patriots territory was to insert Tim Tebow on 1st down. Tebow didn't gain much. They ran again for little to no gain and then attempted to throw on 3rd down. That led to Sanchez being sacked.

The Jets did score a go ahead field goal but there was too much time for Tom Brady to march down the field, to put his team in position to score a field goal that tied the game. The Patriots would do the same thing to start OT and then stopped Mark Sanchez on 3rd down by sacking him and forcing him to fumble. The Patriots recovered and that ended the game.

The problem with the Jets ins't playing scared. It's playing junkyard football. Sanchez finally has a good game and you play games and insert tricks in when you need the win? That's on coach Ryan. Ryan has shown that he isn't a good coach. He's a liability. There's too much trickery in his game plan and not enough substance.

What would have been the worst thing that could have happened had you allowed Sanchez to be a gun slinger at the end of the game? Yes, he could have thrown the his second interception but that wouldn't have mattered. The outcome of the game would have been the same.

If they would have allowed Sanchez to throw the ball, maybe, just maybe the guy would have surprised everyone and helped his team score a TD. That would have given him the confidence he needs to put a string of victories together.

Instead, the circus inserted Tim Tebow on a handful of plays, none more confusing than the first down late in the game. This confuses everyone on offense, including Sanchez. The Jets still haven't learned how to use Tebow effectively or consistently.

They should either use Tebow more often to gain some consistency on offense or don't use him at all. Playing garbage football at the end of the 4th quarter was the difference that allowed the Patriots to pull off a miracle.

Rex Ryan has no one to blame but himself for botching a golden opportunity to pull off a big win in New England. With 2:01 left in the game after and recovering a fumble deep in the Patriots end of the field, coming out with only a field goal and taking only 24 seconds off the clock is bush league.

The bush league style of play is created by Ryan and his trickery and confusing Tim Tebow garbage. It is only confusing the Jets. It's not working and it's costing the Jets victories.

Did the Jets play scared? No. They just played stupid.

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN

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