Friday, October 26, 2012

Vikings Firing on Zero Cylinders

The Minnesota Vikings were firing on zero cylinders last night at the Mall of America Field. The Vikings made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look like the best team in the NFC. The Buccaneers destroyed Minnesota 36-17. Minnesota trailed the game from the beginning and tried a couple of futile attempts at making the game close but as the 4th quarter started; Tampa Bay took control of the game. They took control of the scoreboard and the clock.

Percy Harvin Autographed Minnesota Vikings (Purple Jersey) 8x10 PhotoThere were a couple of bright spots for the Vikings and we'll start with those, since there aren't too many of them. Percy Harvin led all receivers with 90 yards receiving and he also had a TD. Adrian Peterson (AP) had another good day as far as total yards are concerned. He rushed for 123 yards and also had a TD. That would have been great had he not fumbled the ball on a critical drive. That led to a Tampa Bay TD.

Now for what didn't work. That's almost everything. First of all, the offense was non-existent. Sure we have 2 studs in AP and Percy. The offense needs a wide receiver that can take the pressure of those 2 players. You can't run an offense with just 2 players.

Christian Ponder is showing that he still plays like a rookie. While he didn't throw any interceptions or fumble the ball, his decision making needs improvement. He seems confused and he rushes his decisions too much. Yes at times he has defenders in his face and has to make quick decision. Every quarterback in the NFL faces the same thing. Good quarterbacks figure out how to make good decisions when they face pressure  Even when Ponder had time, he seemed to want to do too much instead of finding the open guy. Ponder is still a young quarterback and he's learning the game. I will give him a break for now. I'm happy he didn't throw any interceptions.

Vikings wide receiver, Jerome Simpson is a bust. The guy is clueless on the field. He dropped a pass that was well thrown by Ponder that could have led to a TD. On another play he fumbled the ball after he caught it. The guy is terrible. The Vikings should dump him. There are times when you just know a guy is useless on the field. Jerome is one of them.

The defense didn't show up last night. A good defense keeps their team in the game when it's sputtering and having trouble. Instead of doing that, the Vikings allowed the Buccaneers to march up and down the field at will. That wasn't anymore evident than the 4th quarter, when the Vikings needed their defense to come up big.

Josh Freeman was one of those Tampa Bay players who did could do whatever he wanted. He threw for 262 yards and 3 TDs. Another player who destroyed the Vikings defense was Doug Martin who ran the ball at will. He rushed for 135 yards and had a TD. The Buccaneers possessed the ball for almost 38 minutes. That's almost 15 more minutes than the putrid Vikings. That's a whole quarter worth of possession that the Buccaneers had that the Vikings didn't. That's inexcusable.

Both the Vikings defense and offense need to take the blame for the garbage product that they produced last night in front of the home crowd. They stunk up the field and there isn't very much you can say that is positive by the way the team played. Their offense couldn't move the ball, especially in the passing game and their defense looked like they couldn't stop a Pop Warner team last night.

It's back to the drawing board for the team. They need to find a way to create some plays in the passing game. AP and Percy Harvin are great players but they can't do it all themselves. If the Vikings had fired on 2 cylinders last night, the game would have been much closer.

Vikings Player of the Game: No one.

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