Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Rex Ryan Circus

Special note: Thanks to my peeps for posting this in my absence. You know who you are.
The Rex Ryan Circus was back on the field last Monday night at MetLife stadium night. While they were competitive, one thing became clear to me. The team is confused and bewildered. I attribute this to the confusion created by Rex Ryan.

The game was made close due to a kickoff return for a TD. If it wasn't for that TD, the Jets wouldn't have been in this game. Throughout the second half, the Jets offense, led by the mediocre Mark Sanchez, looked confused. On a number of occasions, the Jets had to take a timeout as the clock was nearing zero. Those timeouts came back to hurt the Jets.

The reason for this confusion is the trickery that Ryan tries to create. With this trickery, you sometimes have Tim Tebow and other players entering the lineup. There are multiple players entering and exiting the field. Players are unaware of what's expected and mistakes occur. Costly mistakes occur.

The reason for this trickery, in my humble opinion is that Mark Sanchez is a terrible quarterback (QB). I believe that Rex feels the only way to win is with trick plays. Those plays included a fake punt (Which they were successful on but that only led to a field goal) and an onside kick after the kickoff return for a TD. They weren't successful on that play.

Other trickery comes in the form of the wildcat, which does yield some success. The problem is that the wildcat is dabbed in with a conventional offense. It's confusing having a dab here and  a dab there. I don't think it yields success.

I think if Ryan wants success with trickery and the wildcat, they must insert Tim Tebow into the lineup. While I still question Tebow's mechanics as a traditional QB, he knows how to run the wildcat and he's a winner. Sanchez isn't.

At this point, Ryan has nothing to lose. He has a terrible QB who is 2-3. Put Tebow in at QB and see what he can do. It won't look pretty and Tebow might play 3 1/2 quarters of awful football but it's the 1/2 quarter that will matter.

The half quarter that Tebow could play in, might be what the Jets need to win some games. The Jets are not going to win with Sanchez. Sanchez needs a perfect environment to play well in. He can't adjust to a changing lineup and he makes way too many errors in critical moments.

Those errors include bad passes, interceptions and taking unneeded sacks. Those errors end up costing the team much needed points, as we saw on Monday night when the Houston Texans came to town.

I believe that the trickery that Rex Ryan implemented for Moday night's game, cost the team. It became the Rex Ryan Circus and it caused confusion for the offense. It's time to either return to a traditional offense (which Sanzhez will fail at) or a true wildcat offense.

The ball is Ryan's hands. Let's see what he does with it. He claims that Sanchez is his guy but will Jets fans stand for that ridiculous loyalty? Sanchez has proven only one thing. He's not a good quarterback!

Rex Ryan's Circus

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