Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Kid Can Play

Yes my friends, the Kid can play. While Christian Ponder made 2 mistakes in today's game, both of them INTs that probably shouldn't have been thrown, the rest of his resume today was good. Ponder drove his team up and down the field. Ponder went 25/35 for 258 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs.

I'm writing this article with 3:12 left in the 4th quarter with the Purple up 3-7 and the Titans driving in Vikings territory. While I hope this won't jinx my team, I believe the Vikings Defense that has played well all day and will hold its own.

In fact, the whole team played well today. It was a complete effort from all the guys. This team continues to impress me and  while they did play an inferior opponent, this could have been a let down game. The Vikings didn't let that happen.

They came out to play, from the opening whistle and kept their foot on the throttle down the stretch. This was another confidence builder for the team and that puts a big smile on this Vikings fan's face. As I write, the Vikings Chad Greenway just stuffed the Titans on a 4th and 1 at the 9 yard line. This should wrap it up for our team.

On another bright note, to go along with a big win by the Purple was a devastating loss by the Packers to the Colts. Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck led his team to a late 4th quarter score and the Packers missed a 51 field goal attempt that failed to tie the game with 1 second left. It was awesome to see. I wonder how Packers fans felt. Ha ha ha.

Hooray! This is a nice Sunday. The Purple are in 1st place and the Packers....are not. I'm sure Packers fans are ecstatic that Minnesota is 4-1 and doing great. They should be happy for us Vikings fans. Maybe they will do a cheer or 2 for Vikings fans.

I sure hope that the Packers are in a free fall and have more devastating games like today. I hope it's the Vikings that are the best team in the North. That would be justice.

Let's give Leslie Frazier some credit. I have been critical on Frazier, especially due to their horrid season last year. Since they're winning, Frazier deserves credit. His team is 4-1 and I say way to go coach. Keep it up!

What ever happens, this fan will live in the moment and rejoice his club's 4-1 start. This start has far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to seeing more of Christian Ponder's development this season. The Kid sure looks like he can play.

Go get em Christian. Go get em Vikings!

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