Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Standing on Principal?

With word that the NHL is likely to cancel the Winter Classic, it got me thinking. The first thought was that the fans suffer again at the hands of the owners and players. If the NHL and NHLPA can't even have an agreement in place that would save the Winter Classic, then these guys are bigger apes than I thought they were.

Then I started to think about the players and that maybe, just maybe they refused the owners deal out of principal. I believe that it was the lockout lover himself, Donald Fehr who persuaded the players not to accept the owners' deal of a couple weeks ago. I believe he felt that the players would have given up to much (57 to 50 percent split in revenue) and that the league should gradually reduce the revenues to 50% over a few years.

So the players are standing on principal? Hogwash. If that's the principal that drives them, they are donkeys. If this becomes a long, drawn out lockout, which it already is becoming, the players could lose more than what they want to gain by standing by principal.

That is idiotic. The players principal is one of greed. They are greedy pigs. That's not honorable or decent. Guys, figure out a different principal like being a good human being. Doing charity work (some do), making your community better and respecting your fans. How about honoring your fans, you know, the ones that allow the NHL to continue operating?

There are many principals worth fighting for. Principals that are ethical, moral, decent and also strengthen a person's integrity. This principal is causing divide. It is hurting the fan. It is ridiculous.

Now to the owners. They are also apparently standing by some convoluted principal of standing their ground and playing hardball. Sure they offered a decent offer but were unwilling to negotiate further or refining that offer. It's based on some sort of principal that I can't figure out. Oh yeah, it's greed.

The owners like the players are greedy pigs. They are scumbags. They are also mules. These idiots are willing to give up hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions (if the NHL cancels the season) to try and force the hands of the players. They are willing to gamble their leagues fan base away, to make a point, to stand their ground.

Those aren't the types of principals that I honor. This is the type of principals and greed that destroy businesses. The owners need to step back and put their silver tea cups aside for one moment. Then they need to try and focus and use their brains. I know that is hard. They probably haven't used them in a long time. They need to realize that their hard line approach might kill the league.

It's hard for the fan to understand the dynamics at play. Most of us are hard working people. We aren't millionaires or billionaires. We're not that fortunate. We work hard for every penny that we have. We work hard for every penny that goes towards paying for a ticket to an NHL game or paying our cable bills so we can watch hockey at all. It's very hard to explain to us why a deal couldn't be reached last week.

Both sides need to do some reflecting. Maybe they need to meditate or take a yoga class (Not meant as an insult to those who do). They need to stand by different principals. A good start would be thinking about the fans. Their current principals are killing the NHL.

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