Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sing. Sing a Song!

Sing. Sing a Song. Sing out loud. That's what the dominant San Francisco Giants, led by their starting pitching must be singing tonight. Tonight it was Ryan Vogelsong who led the charges. Like on other World Series nights, the Giants had dominant pitching, closing out the so called powerful bats of Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. The Giants won 2-0 and have taken a 3-0 lead in the series. The Tigers have been outscored 12-3 through 3 games of this World Series.

Vogelsong like his predecessors have done throughout the series, pitched lights out baseball. Even when the Motown Kitties had there chances, he shut them down by forcing them to hit into double plays. The Kittens really blew some chances early in this game. That set the trend. As the Detroit Tigers faltered at the plate, San Francisco made them pay by capitalizing on their chances.

Vogelsong was aided by his defense. On a couple double play balls, the plays by the defense were thrilling. The San Francisco Giants have played stellar defense tonight and the the other 2 nights of this 2012 World Series. Hits haven't come easily against this top notch defense.

The Giants have become predictable. They have superb starting and relief pitching, opportunistic batters and one of the games best defenses (at least this post season). The Tigers have also been predictable. Their batters can't find a way to drive in the runs.

I thought that the Tigers would have done a better job scoring runs in their home park (Comerica Park). That didn't happen. At least tonight the team had their chances. As I started writing this piece in the 5th inning (As you can see I have little confidence in the Tigers chances), the Tigers had batters on first and second with one out (again). Austin Jackson walked to load the bases.

For the first time in this series and in the past 5 1/2 games, the Giants looked worried. Quintin Berry came to the plate. What did he do? He went down swinging. The tigers now had 2 outs with power hitter Miguel Cabrera at the plate. This was it. This was a real opportunity to turn the series around. Miguel popped out into the infield. What great pitching from Vogelsong. What horrid hitting by Detroit.

That seemed to take all the sails out of the Kitties. That was there moment and they didn't come through. They were terrible in clutch time. It has been that way throughout the series. Sports fans like myself, who believed that Detroit had powerful batters have learned that they were overrated.

Detroit has been outmatched in every phase of the game this World Series. Detroit has had no answer to the great pitching. They had good pitching tonight with Anibal Sanchez at (7 IP, 2 ER and 8 SO) and they've had good performances during parts of games but they have been out pitched for most of the series. The Tigers have also been outhit. That is the big surprise for me but maybe I shouldn't be surprised. The Giants are just the better team.

So sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud if you are a San Francisco Giants fan. Sing, sing, sing. Your team is playing great and exciting baseball. I became a fan of the Giants 6 games ago.

Sing A Song is a Carpenters classic.

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