Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sign It!

Yesterday I wrote an article stating that the NHL and NHLPA were at a crossroads. I mentioned that the key to both sides agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement was that both sides would have to compromise. I also stated that I wanted both sides to come to the table on Tuesday, willing and ready to get a deal done. I mentioned that the time was running out to save the season and the damage done due to this lockout.

Today as reported by CBC.ca, Gary Bettman and the NHL came to the table with a new proposal. Apparently, the NHL has offered a 50/50 split in revenues that includes protection for the players in regards to their existing deals. The proposal also includes details for playing an entire season, which would allow players to earn their full contracted annual salaries for the 2012//13 season. To do this, the NHL is proposing that each team would play an extra game every five weeks to make up the lost games.

I must admit that I’m surprised. I didn’t expect the NHL to be the ones to make the first move. In yesterday’s article I stated and hoped that the NHL would make the first move. I also stated that if the owners came to the table with a new proposal and it was a fair one, I would expect the players to sign the deal. If they don’t, I mentioned that I would come down hard on them.

I believe that the NHL has offered a decent deal. It shows me that they are willing to compromise and don’t want the season to be cancelled. Obviously the owners woke up and realized that they would be leaving a lot of greenbacks on the table if the season were to be scrapped.

It’s now in the players hands. I think they should sign the proposal. They need to show some good faith and willingness to compromise. The NHL has offered them a way to get back to the ice and they can do it with dignity.

I mentioned in yesterday’s article that it’s necessary for both sides to feel like they have won or that that the deal they are signing is a good one. Players, the NHL has afforded you that opportunity. Don’t be mules. Sign it! Sign the deal now! If the players sign the deal, they can take the ice, knowing that they didn’t cave at the first proposal offered by the NHL. They can take the ice knowing that they were unified in their stance.

If the players don’t sign this deal, I believe that the fans will blame them. The fans will think that they are a bunch of overpaid clowns. I will think that. If the players don’t sign the deal offered by the owners, they will be blamed for any further damage that is caused by this lockout. They will also be accused of being greedy.

I think that if the players don’t sign this deal, the season will be lost. The NHL owners would then play the hardball that the players have never seen. If they don’t accept this offer, the players stand to lose big time and the fans will not be sympathetic.

While I’ve blamed both sides for this lockout and though that it was unnecessary, I’ve been much more critical of the owners. I’ve written in previous articles that I thought that owners were trying to screw the players. While that might have been true until today, the owners seem to have changed course.

The puck is now in their end of the rink. It’s time they did something useful with it. They need to sign the deal and get back to business. I believe that most fans are expecting the players to do that. As I said in the past, I want my NHL hockey and I want it now! Players, give me my hockey.

NHL Offers New Proposal

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