Monday, October 29, 2012

Rex Ryan's wagon is Hitched to the Wrong Horse

Rex Ryan has hitched his wagon to a loser. That loser is Mark Sanchez. Sanchez had another putrid game yesterday. Sure he ended up with OK numbers but Sanchez gained a lot of those yards in garbage time at the end of the game, when the game was out of reach. The guy is not a winner. That seems obvious, doesn't it? It's obvious to most people. It's obvious to New York Jets fans and it's obvious to many in the media.

If it's obvious to the loud mouthed coach Rex Ryan, he's not letting on. Rex Ryan has said that Sanchez is his man. It now seems that with that stubborn way of thinking, how Sanchez goes is how Ryan will go. Ryan might find himself out of job if the Jets fail to turn the season around (Currently 3-5).

I don't see that team turning things around. Ryan plans to utilize more of Tebow but that should have happened weeks ago. I don't believe that you can now, with half the season gone, start to implement an offense to utilize more of Tebow. I believe it will create more confusion. The last thing that Sanchez needs now is more confusion.

Last season Ryan apparently caused chaos in the locker room. He played with his players minds and acted like a tool. That isn't what a head coach should be doing. A head coach should be a teacher, a game planner and a motivator.

Rex Ryan has also been known to run his mouth off. He has a big mouth and he often talks trash against opposing players and coaches. Is that professional? Of course not. Ryan acts like a clown and a buffoon. He is not acting like a professional.

Rex Ryan took the Jets job and guaranteed them a Super Bowl. In his 4th year as the head coach, Ryan has failed miserably since taking his team to 2 AFC Championships. Last year his team didn't get a sniff at the playoffs. This season isn't looking that great either.

I'm sick of seeing and listening to this guy. He's a donkey. I'm really questioning that he's the right man for the Jets job. He's sticking with Sanchez even when Sanchez is not proving himself to be worthy of being the QB. Sanchez has had his chances but has failed miserably. I don't think he should be a starting QB in the NFL.

In the end, Ryan's tenure with the Jets will probably be linked to the success of Sanchez. If Sanchez fails to make improvements and Ryan doesn't pull the plug on him, then Ryan might find himself looking for another job.

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