Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Players are to Blame for NHL Lockout Impasse

Ladies and gentleman, we can officially turn our anger towards the NHL players. Yesterday, NHL made an offer to the players. Many fans and members of the media called the offer significant and a very good start. We thought that at the very minimum it was a good starting point to get a deal done and get the players on the ice.

I mentioned in yesterday's article that if the players started playing games, I would turn all my anger and criticism towards them. The players had a golden opportunity to show NHL fans that they are serious about getting back to hockey and that they are not ungrateful greedy snots.

I believe that the majority of the fans were on the players side when the lockout started and leading up to yesterdays proposal by the NHL. I believe that many fans thought that it the owners wanted to strong arm the players and force them into a bad deal. Many of us thought that the owners who are being represented by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, were willing to forgo an entire season in order to pummel the players into submission.Yesterday we learned that it wasn't true. We learned that owners were willing to compromise.

Today, is reporting that NHLPA executive director, Donald Fehr did not respond kindly to the offer. In fact it has been leaked that Fehr wrote a letter to the players, telling them that this was a bad offer. Are you kidding me?

If the players listen to Fehr, I will consider them a bunch of Chumbolones. It's time for the players to take a stand against the the mule that leads them. Yes, I'm calling Fehr a mule. He knows nothing about hockey and obviously thinks that taking a defiant position against the NHL will help the players. If the players agree with him, they are bunch of donkeys.

The players need to sign this deal or a deal that uses this current proposal as a basis for serious negotiations. If the players refuse this deal, it will show me and other fans that the players aren't serious about getting back to hockey.

If the players refuse this deal, I will be OK with the NHL taking swift and harsh action towards the players. I will accept Bettman cancelling the entire season, so as to wipe out those donkeys salaries. I will be OK with him reverting back to the NHL's original offer. I will be OK with Bettman and the NHL trying to force the players into submission.

Entering this lockout I had a negative opinion about Bettman  and the owners. I think the offer presented to the players yesterday was a very good one and it showed a lot of goodwill. It showed me that the NHL was willing to compromise and wanted to get back to hockey.

My opinion of the players today has turned extremely negative. I'm now 100% on the side of the owners and want them to significantly harm the players for decades to come. The players don't deserve any sympathy. They are a bunch of overpaid greedy human beings.

I sure hope other fans are on my side. It's time we turn our wrath to the side that deserves it. The players deserve to be ridiculed and shamed. They are the ones taking hockey away from us, not the owners. The players are the ones to blame for this NHL Lockout Impasse.

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