Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parade of Champions

I had the fortune of watching the World Series champion San Francisco Giants championship parade today. It sure was a great parade of champions. With an estimated million people lining the streets, San Francisco Giants players traveled down the parade route and celebrated with their fans.

One player in particular, Sergio Romo seemed to have the most fun. While other players were being driven in their vehicles, Romo was running along the parade route and celebrating with fans. The guy was having so much fun. I really like him. He seems to be as a humble a professional athlete as there is. He seems to love the game and love these types of moments.

I only became a Giants fan towards the end of the Cardinals series. I especially loved the home games. Their seemed to be a real connection between the players and the fans. The mood was electric as was the atmosphere today along a parade route that began on Market street and ended at city hall.

This was  a special team. They played with heart, passion and intensity, something that the Detroit pussycats lacked. In fact the Giants are a much better team than the Tigers. That's why they won. The Tigers just couldn't match up to the mighty Giants. They just didn't have the talent to do so. That was evident as they were swept in the series.

The Tigers were not only swept, they were obliterated. The combined score in the series was 16 to 6 Giants. That means the Tigers were demolished.

I sure hope that tigers players and fans were watching the parade. They could have seen what a winning team looked like. They could have seen how a winning team celebrated. They could have seen a class act parading in championship fashion.

Why am I being so hard on the Tigers? It's sports. It happens, right? I've never been a Tigers fan. They used to be rivals of my beloved Blue Jays when the Jays were a good team and they were in the same division (East Division). So it is with pride and a smile that I can write about the Tigers being humiliated.

The Tigers should be happy they made it to Word Series, shouldn't they? Yeah. Sure. C'mon guys. They lost and I'm sure their fans could care less that they made it there. They actually do but they are angry their team was destroyed and embarrassed.

On this day it was particularly rewarding knowing that the best team in baseball was celebrating a championship and another one and its fans were sitting at home or their offices reminiscing about the heartbreak they felt just a few days ago.

Congratulations to the Giants. You deserve it. Congratulations to Giants fans. You deserve it as well. You are great fans.

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