Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Owners Should Try for One More Attempt

I've come down hard on the players in the last week. I've had time to reflect on all the emotions surrounding the latest NHL proposal and then refusal by the players. I've also had time to cool down and refelct on my emotions. The time I've spent to reflect doesn't change my position that I feel both sides have acted in bad faith and need to negotiate in good faith.

Time is running out to ensure a full 82 game season can be played but I sure hope a deal can be worked out. I think the owners should attempt one more time to come up with a modified proposal. Stick to a hard 50/50 split in regards  HRR (Hockey Related Revenue) but I do agree with Tim Wharsnby (insert CBC.ca link) that the owners should find a way to honor existing contracts. They must find a way to do this and include it in their proposal.

They shouldn't play games here or use fuzzy math. It should be made clear to the players that they will honor those deals. The owners were the ones that furiously signed free agents prior to the lockout. Not honoring those contracts wouldn't be fair.

If the owners were to offer such a deal and the players rejected that proposal, we would all know that the players are two faced donkeys and are just playing games. If they accept the deal, we might have a better idea why they were so upset about the last NHL offer.

I've said all along that I just want both sides to find a way to come to an agreement  that is fair to both sides. I still think the NHL’s offer last week was a good starting point but to be fair to the players, it didn't adequately address existing contracts and honoring those contracts.

I really think that the owners need to honor contracts signed prior to the lockout. If they didn't want to sign those payers and lure them away from their existing teams or make sure to keep their own players, they shouldn't have signed the players to ridiculous contracts.

I don’t feel that the owners can have their cake and eat it too. At the very least, if the owners don’t find a way to honor existing contracts that is fair and equitable to the players, those contracts should be voided. The players would then go back to their teams prior to free agency and the free agency period should restart once a new agreement is signed.

I think the best option is to include the honoring the contracts in the new CBA. That should be offered ASAP by the owners. If the owners want hockey to be played this year and truly want a full 82 game schedule, they need to go to work one more time and get a deal done.

Like most fans, I’m frustrated. There’s enough blame to go around. The owners should give this thing one more chance. Who knows? They may be surprised by the players and their response to a fair offer.

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