Thursday, October 4, 2012

NHL Scraps Games in 2 Week Blocks

The NHL seems to have a plan and a deadline in which to cancel games. The NHL has denied it but today it became reality. The No Hockey League (NHL) scrapped the first 2 weeks of games. It looks like today was the deadline and it looks like the NHL had a format to scrap games in 2 week blocks.

The NHL is in the midst of a downfall and it remains to be seen if they will be able to recover from this debacle. I know I must sound like a broken record, since I seem to repeat the same arguments article after article but as a hockey fan it annoys me that the NHL allowed itself to get to this place.

It shows me that the people who run the league are incompetent (Gary Bettman), and clueless about how to run a hockey league and are showing that they have no business sense. The NHL as mentioned in previous articles on had their best season in 2011/12.

Instead of capitalizing on that success, Bettman has gambled that success and recommended that league owners should lock out the players. This is ridiculous. Why would any business want to distance itself form their customers or in the case of the NHL, their fan base.

The NHL has a hard enough time competing against the other 3 major leagues (NFL, MLB and NBA). You can see how the popularity of the other sports dwarfs the NHL by visiting any major metropolitan online newspaper. You will see that the NHL is reported dead last.

Stories about a city's NHL franchise comes in last. The reason is that sports fans care more about the other sports. I'm not a professional hockey player and obviously don't run the NHL but I know where the NHL stands in relation to the other major sports.

Any competent businessman would have thought twice, 3 times, even a 100 times before locking out the players and risk losing part of their fan base. Gary "The Gambler" must be a moron or a pompous idiot. Either way, his legacy might go down as the person who destroyed the NHL.

I sure hope that the NHL survives this mess and I hope that Bettman and the players wake up and realize the place of the NHL relative to the other major sports. It's time for these clowns to get a dose of reality and snap out of their fantasy world.

It's time that these donkeys grow some coconuts and get back to the bargaining table to deal with real issues and not minor issues. It's time for action by both sides. It's time for some hockey and not a circus.

Will anyone step up to the plate and put hockey and hockey fans first? I don't think these clowns have it in them. I think both the players and the league are selfish people. I think the fan comes last in their minds. The NHL fan is an afterthought with the players and the league. It's time for the fan to come first.

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