Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the NHL the Fan is Always Wrong

In the NHL it seems as if the power brokers think that the fan (customer) is always wrong. Both the NHL and NHLPA seem to be taking this approach. The fan has been marginalized and kicked to the curb. In other businesses the customer is appreciated and coveted but in the NHL, the fan isn't even considered.

With the lockout in it's 4th week, the NHL has disregarded the wishes of the fan and decided to cancel regular season games. This lockout could have and should have been avoided at all costs but both Gary Bettman (NHL) and Donald Fehr (NHLPA) seemed to embrace the lockout. Their muscles started flexing at the possibility and reality of the lockout.

The fan wants hockey but the NHL disregards that wish (The fan is wrong), even as many experts believe that the NHL's fan base will be effected by this lockout. The NHL doesn't care that the fan wants hockey and that the fan is willing to pay for hockey. In other businesses a paying customer would be welcome. Most businesses wouldn't shut their doors on the customer.

The fan pays the bills (The fan must be wrong). Both owner revenue and player salaries are derived largely due to the fans. While business sponsors also drive revenue for the NHL, if it weren't for the fans and the increase in television ratings, those revenues would dry up. The NHL doesn't seem to care about that.

The NHL seems content to gamble their future and their fans away. This makes no sense to me. In fact, it's extremely frustrating and annoying. The NHL and NHLPA are acting like infants. They seem to be oblivious to the wishes of their fan base.

The most annoying aspect of this lockout in my opinion, is that the NHL is taking their fans for granted. They are willing to take this gamble, because they believe their fans will still be their after this mess is finished. It also annoys me that the fans are taking this treatment by the NHL and NHLPA.

The NHL deserves to be decimated by their fans. The fans need to send the ingrate players and owners a message that they will not be taken for granted. This is the second lockout in 8 years. That's ridiculous and unforgivable.

It's time for the NHL and NHLPA to get a deal done and then show some respect to their fans. The fans deserve that. The fans don't deserve to be treated like garbage. The fans don't deserve o be kicked to the curb.

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  1. In a way this is this fans fault, the NHL and NHLPA won't care until the fans stay away yet we the fans keep coming back. Most of the season ticket holders will stick around and thats fine, but the average fan that may go to 5-10 games a year need to send a message by watching from home. Better yet take your money to the local sports bar and restaurant and support them and watch the game, those people appreciate the fans revenue.

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