Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Think I Understand Now!

I think I finally understand why we have a lockout and why the owners seem so stubborn. One of the reasons is that the owners are complete and utter numbsculls. is reporting that New York Rangers owner Jim Dolan referred to the owners lockout of the players as a strike.

If it were any other team, I might give the owner a break...naw. The Rangers are one of the most powerful and wealthy hockey clubs in the NHL. You would think their owner would be well informed. Actually I've lost faith that the NHL owners actually have the capacity to use their brains.

This typpe of thinking by an NHL owner might explain why they are so stubborn and don't want to negotiate in good faith with the players. Does this donkey think that the players are striking or does he think that the owners are striking.

Actually that makes more sense. The owners are taking a break from reality and striking against the fan. That would make sense as it seems as if the owners hate their fans. It seems as if the owners dispise their fans. It seems as if the owners are sickened by their fans.

It makes sense now why the owners were unanimous in their support of Bettman's lockout. They thought it was a players strike. What a bunch of clowns. Do these guys know what's going on? There's billions of dollars at stake and they think this is a strike. They're the ones that locked out the players and they don't even understand that.

Alright, I'll stop with this bashing. The guy probably slipped up and isn't that stupid, right? I should give the owners the benefit of the doubt, shouldn't I? I don't have to do that. The owners haven't given the fans the benefit of hockey.

The owners have deprived the fans of hockey. I plan on ripping them on every misstep and misstatement. I will take this clown Dolan at his word. He thinks it's  a strike, when it's a lockout. It shows the fans what a bunch of morons the owners are.

As I said before, these clown owners unanimously supported Bettman's lockout and at least one of these clowns said it's a strike. With these types of owners, it might be years before the NHL returns to action.

I'm at a loss as to why this guy Dolan can't get his act together. Maybe he's just clueless. Maybe he shouldn't be an owner. Maybe he's just a clown. Maybe he's just a mean human being. Who knows?

I know I'm not sounding fair here but I want my hockey and I want it now. If the owners can play hardball, I can as well. I can be mean spirited against them and I can attack them with my words. I want my hockey now and until I get it, I will attack these vile human beings.

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