Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hockey Night in Moscow

Are you having NHL withdrawal? Are you eager to see NHL players play professional hockey? If you are Canadian, are you missing live hockey on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada? Don't fret my friends, because you can now watch Hockey Night in Moscow, streamed live from ESPN.

I'm not sure what they call Kontinental Hockey League games on Russian TV but Hockey Night in Moscow has a nice sound to it. Actually I would rather watch paint dry. If I wanted to see professional hockey players, improve their on ice diving skills, I would  search for NHL videos of the great NHL divers name the Sedin brothers.

I'm not interested in that either. While my attempt at humor might not be funny or my criticism of the KHL or other European Diving, I mean hockey leagues might be too harsh, I don't really care. I have no desire to watch the the KHL on ESPN.

Alexander "Ovechloss" Ovechkin has threatened to stay in Russia and play in the KHL. Oooh, I'm scared. Alexander, stay there, most of us couldn't care. We've seen enough of your choking in big games. I guess Alexander wants to be a winner in a second rate hockey league. Go for it Alexander.

So what will I do tonight? I could watch the MLB  playoffs. I think I'll pass on that as well. I usually start to watch MLB when the World Series starts. I just haven't been into baseball lately. Maybe that's because my Minnesota Twins have sucked for the past 2 years.

Suck is too kind for the product being played at Target Field. I guess I could watch WCHA  College hockey. That is a possibility. I love college hockey. While it's not a replacement for the NHL, at least it's exciting. At least the players have some heart and haven't been tarnished by the professional game.

So College hockey it is. That sure beats Hockey Night in Moscow. I'm not sad that I will miss the big game between Dynamo Moscow and something called Amur. Go Amur Go. Go Amur Go! Seriously?

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