Friday, October 19, 2012

Ha Ha Stayin Alive

Many of us know the Bee Gees song Stayin' Alive' that goes Ah ha ha ha stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Well that's what San Francisco Giants fans must have been singing tonight and after game 5 of the NLCS in St. Louis. That's because the Giants defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 5-0 to stretch the series to game 6. The Cardinals lead the series 3-2.

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Barry Zito pitched a gem. The often maligned player showed his worth tonight, pitching a great game that seemed to lift his team. Hopefully the criticism will die down. The guy's a very good pitcher and he showed it tonight. Zito pitched 7 and 2/3 innings of shutout baseball.

If the National League playoffs have taught us anything, it's that the Giants are capable of monumental and epic comebacks. The Cardinals must be getting a little nervous now. The Giants are closing in and the teams head back to San Francisco for the final 2 games.

I'm not really hoping for either team. I just want to see a close series and good games. The ALCS was boring. Not exactly. I loved them, since the Yankee killers destroyed the New York Yankees. They obliterated them in 4 games.

The fact that I don't really care who wins the series, makes me want to see some good baseball. I want both teams to slug it out. I want them to have to dig deep. I want to see a 7 game series. So I'm happy that the Giants are still alive tonight.

The Cardinals are used to playing in the World Series. I expect them to come out next game and take it to the Giants. I still don't think the Giants have much of a chance to win the series but it's nice to see that they are making the NLCS more exciting and interesting.

Detroit is sitting at home and enjoying the NLCS. I'm sure they don't mind if this series goes 7 games. They will be well rested and their opponent will have a short layoff before having to play a hot Detroit team. Detroit is the team to beat right now. They have great pitching and their bats are alive.

Tonight I will go to sleep amazed at how composed the Giants are. No matter what they have faced during the playoffs, they have handled it and fought through it. You can't count that team out.

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