Friday, October 26, 2012

Fool of the Day - NHL & NHLPA

Today's Fool of the Day is a tie between the NHL and NHLPA. While it was the NHL who cancelled games though the end of November, the players did their part to ensure that this decision would be made. I believe that both sides are fools.

Why are they fools? By cancelling games, they will further alienate their fan base, This could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Cancelling games has an immediate impact on both sides. The NHL is forgoing revenue and the players are losing a portion of their salaries.

In a recessionary economy, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table seems foolish. Alienating your fan base seems foolish. Taking the risk that some fans will never return seems foolish.

All in all both the NHL & NHLPA are foolish.

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