Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fool of the Day - Michael Bennett

The day has been pretty quiet as far as the sports fools are concerned but one story on caught my eye and led to naming Michael Bennett as today's Fool of the Day. Michael Bennett is a former Minnesota Vikings player. He last played for the Oakland Raiders of the NFL.

Bennett was sentenced to 15 months in the slammer for taking part in a fraud scheme. Bennett follows a long line of former players who couldn't stay out of prison and who couldn't take advantage of the benefits of playing professional football.

Bennett will have 15 months to think about his actions and to decide if he will lead an honorable life when he is released.

The only question I have; Can Bennett can count to 15? Sure he graduated high school and went to college but does that mean anything? OK. That was a low blow but who cares. This clown tried to cash fraudulent tax return checks. What a fool!

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