Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fool of the Day - Cam Newton

Today's Fool of the Day is the sulking baby known as Cam Newton. Newton showed why he's been criticized for sulking so much and for not being a leader. Until today's game against the Chicago Bears, I was willing to give the sour puss a break. Not after what I witnessed.

During a TD play that saw Newton fumble the ball as he was running and diving into the end zone, we saw his teammate Lewis Murphy make a great play by recovering the fumble for a TD. Newton jogged off the field.

Newton never went to congratulate and thank his teammate for bailing him out. No he didn't do that. He went and sat by himself on a bench and started sulking  It was Murphy who cam to Newton and patted him on the helmet to console the cry baby.

This was his moment to show that he is their leader of the team. This is his time to show that he's a team player. Heck. His team scored a TD. Show some heart. Show some excitement.

That would be a stretch for the selfish egotistical Newton. He's a me, me  me player. It's all about him. The guy is a disgrace and embarrassment to his team. If he doesn't have an attitude adjustment quickly, he will become another NFL bust.

The Chicago Bears won the game 23-22 on a game winning field goal by Robbie Gould.

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