Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fool of the Day - Bryant McKinnie

Today's Fool of the Day is Bryant McKinnie. Bryant "Big Mac" Mckinnie is being sued for not paying a strip club owner 375,000 that was allegedly loaned to him. According to complaint that was filed, McKinnie provided the owner with a promissory note.

Bryant McKinnie Signed Photo - 8x10If the allegations are true, it's further proof that Big Mac is a disgusting person. Anyone remember his days in Minnesota. This out of shape numbnut was part of the infamous "Love Boat" incident. You know the one. Vikings players allegedly flew in hookers from Atlanta and had some fun on a cruise on Lake Minnetonka. He plead guilty to some minor charges for his lewd and lascivious behavior.

Then there was the incident shortly after Leslie Frazier took the control of the Vikings. Mckinnie showed up to training camp and was released by the team. McKinnie found a gig with the Baltimore Ravens and has had issues with showing up to camp out of shape.

There was also a 2008 incident where he was originally charged with felony charges for his part in fight outside a Miami night club. He later agreed to lesser charges and had to do community service.

Based on McKinnie's track record, I'm inclined to believe that he should be found to be responsible for the debt in a civil court proceeding.

Article reference: TwinCities.com

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