Friday, October 5, 2012

Dumb and Dumber Plan To Meet This Weekend

I'm not sure which side is dumb and which is dumber but according to ESPN, the NHL & NHLPA will meet (not in person) this weekend. Both sides are also asking the other side for a new proposal. Sportmentary believes that both sides are just posturing.

I don't believe that either side has any real desire to negotiate in good faith. Both sides are still trying to get the whole pie without compromising. Both sides are destroying the league that many of us love. Many fans are voicing their displeasure at both sides.

According to, unlike the 2004 lockout that claimed the whole season, fans are voicing their opinions on social media sites like Twitter and You Tube. I sure hope both the NHL & NHLPA, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr are taking notice of the fans and their vocal displeasure at both sides.

Most fans are taking the side of fellow fans and those who've lost their jobs due to this asinine lockout. I think many fans like me can't relate to millionaires and billionaires acting in this way and feel it's disgusting that those who need the jobs are caught in the middle of this cat-fight.

Fans are angry and disgusted at the loss of games, the loss of revenue to local businesses and the loss of jobs due to this lockout. I think many fans don't believe that either side comes to the table with the intention of resolving their issues.

I don't think that anything will be accomplished this weekend. I think it will be a long lockout, with both sides losing a lot of money before they decide to really negotiate. Right now, the loss of revenue isn't stinging enough. That means that there isn't a real desire on either side to discuss the issues that divide them.

I think that real discussions will start to occur at the beginning of November, when more games are cancelled. I don;t believe a deal will be reached sooner than after the Thanksgiving break. That meas that games will not resume until sometime in December or early January.

It's not known what the real damage will be but this type of long lockout isn't good for a 4th tier professional league like the NHL. The NHL acts like it's as big as MLB, the NBA and the NFL but it's not. It's not even close to those leagues. Fan support in the other leagues is much greater than the itty bitty NHL.

It's time for the NHL to realize it's place in American sports and act the part. Right now, the NHL and NHLPA are acting like morons and not smart people. I sure hope these clowns put on their thinking caps and start to act like rational people.

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN

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