Monday, October 1, 2012

Do you Believe in Karma?

Do you believe that eventually bad things happen to bad people and bad teams. If you do, you’re like me and you believe in Karma. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the New Orleans Saints and what I believe was a disgusting bounty program that that was part of their organization.

Signed Drew Brees Photo - 11x14 GAII believe that the bounty system was well known form top to bottom, form GM to player and I believe that the risk/reward induced the team to cheat and yes, cheat its way to a Super Bowl victory. The great think about America is that we are allowed to have opinions. My opinion is that the Saints were allowed to get away with cheating and that led to a Super Bowl victory.

I also wrote that I bleived that the Saints would be punished for their disgusting behavior. I even joked that brown paper bags would become popular again in Aints town. While, we may be a long way from brown paper bag wearing by Saints fans, it looks like Karma has hit the Saints. What goes around comes around.

The season has started beautifully for Saints haters like myself. I hope the 0-4 start is just the beginning for the cheaters. An 0-16 season would be great, wouldn't it? That would show cheaterleans that you have to win the right way.

An 0-16 season would be a fitting end to a sad saga in NFL history. The Saints would be the poster child for what can go wrong when you take a detour from doing things right. It would be a lesson to every GM, head coach and assistant coach in the NFL that cheating will lead to harsh penalties, which would have a great impact on their team’s ability to field a decent product.

Right now, Saints fans are united with a we vs them approach. How long will that continue if the Saints continue to lose games and if they miss the playoffs? The Saints should still be able to produce a winner on the field but they seem to have collapsed.

I watched part of the debacle in Green Bay and the Saints defense is putrid. Even with Drew Brees passing for over 400 yards and countering Green Bay scores, the Saints defense didn't look like it could stop a High School team on Sunday.

So here we are. Four games into the 2012 campaign and the Saints have lost every game. If you could see me now, you would see a big smile on my face. It’s an extremely happy time for me.

While I hate the Packers and usually want them to lose at all costs, I was cheering for them on Sunday. Why? Because the Packers do things the right way. I have a huge amount of respect for the organization, even though I can’t stand the team or their annoying fans. It wouldn't have been justice for a good organization to lose to the misfits from New Orleans.

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