Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do NHL Players Want to Play Hockey this Year?

Do NHL players like Sidney Crosby actually want to play hockey this year? It doesn't appear that they do. After being presented with what many hockey experts thought was a very good proposal that could get serious discussions started, the players rejected that proposal. CBC is reporting that not only was the offer rejected but the players offered three proposals of their own.

By many accounts, the offers aren't good. This is terrible PR for the players. They are acting like monkeys. They seem like they have no idea how to negotiate. They don't seem to realize that the anger of the fans are turning against them

The players had a golden opportunity to get back to playing hockey and play a full season. The owners provided them with that opportunity but their idiot NHLPA executive, Donald Fehr steered them the wrong way. We'll see what happens but taking this ridiculous approach might backfire on the players big time.

The owners might get so angry that they take back everything they just offered. I hope they do that. The players deserve to lose their shorts. They are obnoxious, overpaid brats. I told you a couple days ago that I was going to unleash my wrath at these donkeys and I wasn't kidding.

The players are morons. They have no class. They are acting like spoiled children. They are acting like everyone owes them the world. Sorry players, you don't deserve our respect. You deserve our criticism. You deserve to have the fans hate you and ridicule you.

I think that the players might want to play a little longer in European leagues like the KHL, in order to improve their diving skills. Maybe that's why they are taking such an offensive and obnoxious position. I don't think they are ready to play real hockey. I don't think deserve to play in the NHL.

Kids all around North America (Well in some places) grow up dreaming of playing professional hockey. These players have that opportunity and what do they do? They're disrespecting kids around the world. They're disrespecting the fans.

I don't know who is advising them. Yes I do, it's Donald Fehr. The guy who knows jack about hockey. That's my opinion. Donald, take your smart ass brother and return to Major League Baseball (MLB). You don't realize that the NHL is very different than MLB. The fan bases are very different.

I'm very disappointed in the players response but I'm not surprised by it. They are too busy sucking on their pacifiers to actually do something constructive. They don't seem like they want to play hockey in the NHL this year.

I listened to Lou Nanne on KFAN yesterday. He though the offer was a very good starting point and would lead to a deal being struck. Boy was he wrong. Boy was I wrong. Boy were we all wrong.

A week ago, a few stars said that they wanted to get back to playing hockey. They said they were frustrated with the lockout and the owners. They wanted a proposal from Bettman and the owners. They got it. They got a great deal and they just threw it in the garbage. Shame on them!

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