Monday, October 8, 2012

Bonehead Kansas City Chiefs Fans

I want to start this article by saying that this is one of the most opinionated articles to date. It contains my opinions and a tongue lashing against people who I believe acted like degenerate scumbags.

A horrible event transpired during the Kansas City Chiefs game yesterday. After Matt Cassell was knocked out of the game, some Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered the injury and Matt Cassell having to leave the game.

You have to be a punk idiot to cheer for a player's injury. You have to be a piece of #2 to cheer for something like that. You have to be void of human decency. You have to be an evil human being. You have to be a monster. You have to be void of any morals.

I think you know how I feel about that now. If you are a Chiefs fan that cheered for Cassell's injury, you are a no good piece of cow dung. You are an idiot. Your a moron. You are a disgusting person.

I know that it's unfair to label all Chiefs fans as morons, thugs and degenerates. That wouldn't be fair and that's not what I'm doing here. Not all Chiefs fans are that disgusting but the fans that cheered for Cassell's injury give a bad name to their community. They make their community look like deposits in an outhouse toilet.

It angers me that there are morons like some of those Chiefs fans. I can't understand why someone would cheer for a player's injury. You have to be a one of the lowest forms of human life to do that. The fans that cheered for Cassell being injured should move to New Orleans.

Actually they're too scummy to move to New Orleans. While New Orleans fans who support their team's disgusting involvement in Bountygate are disgusting pigs, they would never cheer for one of their own players to be injured.

That might be a small distinction but I think Saints fans wouldn't welcome the boneheads who cheered when their QB went down. I wonder where those boneheads grew up. It's not fair to blame the parents of those disgusting degenerates, since a parent can only do their best to pass values on to their children.

I think those bonehaded Chiefs fans just didn't learn the lessons of life that were passed on to them or didn't care to learn them. I think they're just bad apples. They are ruined human beings. They are damaged goods who have no capacity to be decent human beings.

I hope those boneheads who cheered when Cassell went down are reading this. You are degenerate scumbag thugs. You are void of compassion. In my opinion there is nothing decent about you. You are rotten.

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