Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Public Relations Nightmare?

Is the lockout a public relations nightmare? I think so. As games are dropped and as fall & winter moves along without hockey, the NHL loses big time. There's no conclusive poll that will prove this but I turned to (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to get a Canadian perspective of the how the lockout is being perceived down north.

CBC is running an unscientific poll for their online readers. While I don't have the numbers about how many votes have been cast, the results show that the NHL is the big loser. Gary Bettman and company are failing to convince their customers (their fans) that there position is the right one. The lockout to most fans is bogus and shameful.

Regardless of how the players are acting, they will be viewed as employees. Yes, they are rich ones but it's the billionaire owners who locked them out and snatched hockey away from the fan. It's the owners who are being viewed as ogres and misfits.

The CBC poll shows that 38% of voters support the players, only 21% support the NHL and 41% of the voters (like me) don't support either side. This isn't good for the NHL. Almost as many voters support the players as those who support no one.

It's clear that the NHL is losing the public relations war. It's clear that many fans hate Gary Bettman. That might be what it is. Even though I don't support either side, I dislike Bettman. I always have. He's not a hockey guy and I fell he shouldn't have been given one of the greatest job in sports.

In fact, every time I see an image of Bettman, I want to hurl. He has this smug face and look. He looks like you can't trust the him. He looks condescending. Bettman is the face of the owners and that face is distrustful. That face is disgusting. That face is being blamed by many fans for the lockout.

If you seem to be having a public relations nightmare and you can isolate the individual who is causing that nightmare, what would you do? I would eliminate the nightmare and the person causing that nightmare. Yes folks, I think it's time for Bettman to be shoved out of the NHL. It's time for a new person to take over. It's time for someone who understands the game and the fans that pay their bills.

The NHL Lockout Continues

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Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN

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