Monday, September 10, 2012

Vikings in First Place! Green Bay Packers in Last Place!

I've been waiting a long time to say this. "Vikings Win" "Vikings in first place". "Green Bay Packers in last place". Sure, it's only the first game in a long season. Sure, the Vikings won in dramatic fashion and could as easily be 0-1 but the Vikings found a way to pull out a victory on Sunday, sending their fans (who actually stayed behind to witness this miracle) home in jubilation.

Adrian Peterson Autographed Minnesota Vikings 8x10 PhotoThe Vikings blew a late 4th quarter lead as usual, giving up a touchdown (TD) to the Jacksonville Jaguars with 20 seconds remaining. After that TD, Many fans who left angry, expecting that the Vikings had lost another game. They must be kicking  themselves today. They missed one of the best games in years. Vikings kicker Blair Walsh kicked a late Field Goal (FG) to send the game into Overtime and also kicked the winning FG in the extra frame.

Let's not forget about the return of Adrian Peterson (AP). Peterson had a pair of TDs and 84 yards rushing. He looks like he's almost the old AP. I think he's ready to carry this team on his back or more accurately, with his legs.

This game reminds me of the last second, game winning miracle Hail Mary TD pass by Brett Favre to Greg Lewis against the San Francisco 49ers in game 3 of the 2009 season. Could we be in for a wild 2012 season? Probably not but it's awesome to be ahead of the Packers, even if its early in the 2012 season.

The Green Bay Packers were mauled by the San Francisco 49ers. Aaron Rogers had a sub-par game, while Alex Smith controlled things again and was error free. Some idiotic Packers players will probable say they loss was due to their errros but the 49ers beat them by playing a better game.

I'm hoping for more outcomes like this from the Packers. It will be an amazing season if the Packers self destruct. It would be awesome to see their fans crying and grumbling. That's what NFL football should be all about.

Yes, I love my Vikings and I hate the Packers. While common sense is telling me that the Packers will have another good season and the Vikings will have a ho hum season, I will cherish week 1 and where both teams now stand. I will dream of many more weeks like this from both teams.

Vikings Week 1
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  1. I was really disappointed to see the Vikings run the ball with 90 or so seconds instead of going for the first down and ending the game. Overall a very impressive game, the halftime adjustments made for a great second half and the rookie kicker was fantastic, no way Longwell could have made that kick to send the game to OT. I was also blown away at how Peterson ran after so much time off, great to see. Ponder looked great as well after halftime. The best thing about the game was that the refs weren't bad. Now, the refs for the Packers/Niners were absolutely horrible and inconsistent, which was great to see the Packer fans go nuts, but the 49ers outplayed the Packers.

  2. Great assessment. I agree with you about the referees in the GB game. I was laughing at the fans and how upset they were getting.

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