Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Regular Season is the Next Casualty

Today the NHL announced the cancellation of the remainder of the preseason. The next casualty will be regular season games. With both sides taking their time with negotiations (If there are any at all), it is becoming clear that regular season games will be lost.

How many games will be lost is anyone's guess but it could be a long lockout. Who loses? There are Lot's of losers. The fans are the big losers. The NHL are treating these customers (the fans) like horse manure. Gary Bettman and the NHL has decided to gamble it's future and the fans goodwill in order to prove a point and strong arm the players. Will the fans forgive the NHL. The NHL is banking on it. I think loyal fans will return but the casual fan will be lost for some time.

NHL employees who have already been reduced to 4 day work weeks are also losers. NHL employees might find themselves out of a job if this lockout is a long one. It looks like the billionaire owners don't care about that. Their greed has taken control of their common decency.

Businesses in NHL cities also are losers. The NHL claims that its league is good for business in NHL markets. How is this true now? Businesses will lose a large amount of their revenues to this lockout. That's terrible.

The NHL players led by Donald Fehr and the NHL should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of coming to an agreement that would allow both sides to profit and would allow all stakeholders involved not to be big losers, these greedy people are allowing the NHL to decay and be harmed.

I don't believe either side is being sincere or negotiating in good faith. I think both sides are extremely greedy and that greed isn't good for the game. As far as I'm concerned the NHL should suffer for this lockout and the players should be shipped of to the KHL for life. OK, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't wish a life sentence in the KHL on my worst enemy.

The truth is that the KHL isn't a real solution to for the players. So they should spend their energy negotiating in good faith. I think this lockout is ridiculous. It didn't have to happen. It's a travesty that the NHL found a way not to capitalize on such a great 2011/12 season. This lockout really makes the NHL look like a bush league.

Like I did with the NFL's lockout with the referees, I will not publish an NHL related banner in new articles until this lockout is resolved. I'm willing to earn less shekels in order to make a statement, however small it is.

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