Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Gamble Didn't Pay Off

Maurice Jones Drew, a running back (RB) with the Jacksonville Jaguars, took a gamble this off season and that gamble failed miserably. Jones Drew held out for a new contract that would pay him more in line with the top RBs in the game.

The problem for Drew is that new owner Shad Khan basically told him where to go. Khan didn't want to renegotiate Drew's contract. Finally there's an owner in the NFL who believes a contract signed by a player is worth something.

Drew signed the contract a few years ago, before having breakout years the past 3 seasons. It's not the Jaguars fault that Drew took off and still has to play under the old terms. That's life. Live with it.

Drew must have thought he had leverage and meant more to the team than was true. Khan didn't budge and in the end Drew reported to the team. He reported today. Drew must have thought that the Jaguars would trade him. They didn't. They played hardball and won.

Drew now looks like a dunce. Why? He has no new contract. He will have to have another banner year or his stock will decrease big time. If his production does decrease and it's likely it will (More of that in a moment), potential suitors will not only be dealing with a back with decreased productivity but I guy with an attitude.

Why is it likely or possible for Drew's production to decrease? First of all, Drew is 27. His prime is probably behind him. Not yet but as he reaches his 30's it will be. Teams could be looking at a back next year who is 28 and decreasing in productivity. They won't want to sign this type of guy to a long-term contract, knowing future years will yield even less production.

A big issue for Drew will be the fact that he missed out on training camp and the preseason. It will take him a few games to get back into game shape. That means his production could be off from last year. That's not a good thing for the clown.

Another thing that is working against Drew and something that ESPN mentioned in an article is that Drew takes a pounding. That pounding will take its toll on Drew and will have a greater toll on the RB as he ages.

Drew must have known what everyone else knows. So why would he be such a ding dong and take this gamble? He must have wanted to capitalize now. He knows if he finishes the last 2 years of his contract, he will be 29. He knows that would put him in his 9th year of his contract. He knows that he wouldn't be as marketable.

So he took a gamble and failed miserably. A player couldn't have failed any more than what Drew did. He has no leverage now. Khan won the battle. If this was a title fight, Khan would have knocked him out and sent him into fantasy land.

Maurice Jones Drew
Was this a bad career move for Jones Drew?

It's hard to tell

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